Build a strong foundation with a Fresh Start!

Welcome to another chance, a Fresh Start!

Fresh Start Sober Housing Columbia Missouri

Welcome to another chance, a Fresh Start!

How do I get into a Fresh Start Sober House?

Phone Interview

Call between 10am-2pm Monday-Friday

(573) 489-4640

Bedrooms include bed, dresser, WiFi, TV with cable, desk and chair, nightstand, bed linens, bath towels and a box fan

All houses are smoke-free

Who would be a good candidate for Fresh Start?

Someone who is ready for a lifestyle change. A man or woman who is seeking a drug and alcohol free environment and wants to begin or continue the process of recovery.

Fresh Start sets the stage for your new foundation!

Fresh Start Sober Living

Sober living is a type of group housing. All tenants are involved in substance abuse recovery programs.

Tenants are provided an alcohol, drug, and violence-free environment to aid in their path to restoration.

Why choose Fresh Start?

Columbia, Missouri offers ample opportunities for personal growth and recovery. Columbia also has a low unemployment rate means a variety of jobs available. 

Central Locations

All properties are located on bus routes and with-in walking/biking distance from downtown district, treatment centers, business districts, 12-step meetings, employment placement agencies, and social service centers.